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How to Save on Your Grocery Bill Using 4 Simple Tips

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4 tips for grocery shopping success, all while saving on your grocery bill??!?! Is it even possible??

How to save on your grocery bill so you can avoid the dreaded check-out total announcement.

Ever leave the grocery store feeling your trip may have been in vain? Or asked yourself, how did these few bags cost me so much????

Been there, done that way too many times.

Grocery shopping used to be something I looked forward to and even after leaving the store felt a sense of accomplishment. However, recent trips have felt less successful, even more so on the budget side.

Taking a step back to reflect on the habits that make-up your grocery shopping trip is the best way to see areas to improve, eliminate or add. I want to provide 4 simple ways to make your trip a success!

#1 KNOW YOUR NEEDS…and your schedule

The struggle to balance all of the week’s demands gives you a great look into how to make your list. Yes you need food, but is this week so jam packed with activities you have little time for those hours of prep, home cooked meals?

Obviously we WANT to superwoman and do the home cooked meal, sitting at the table sharing the day’s happenings with each other. But that is not always realistic, and that is OKAY.

Set yourself up for success and be real with yourself on whether this week has a day, two days or every that can have those quality meals to teach the kids while you prepare dinner. 


Planning will save you tons of time, money and energy from beating yourself up later because you caved and got take-out…again.

Just a moment ago I mentioned how being realistic with your needs was the preface to being able to plan properly. I mean, a $10 frozen meal compared to $20-$30 in the drive-thru is a great way to PLAN for a need, but being realistic about the solution. 

You will save a ton on your grocery bill by taking the time to plan for the quick meals.

I chalk in a “wild card” night on my menu planning and even set aside the money to cover it. This allows a guilt free trip to get pizza after ballet while keeping on budget.

And since I planned for it, I can buy the drinks and sides at the grocery store. No convenience charge for breadsticks and Coke! Hello savings!

#3 MAKE A LIST!!!!!!!!!!!! But…..

Aha, the ever redundant advice tip of making a list. Yup. I had to include it because when I don’t make one, even for those 4 things I “can” remember, I regret it. 

But here’s my new spin to really make the difference:  include the budget/willing to pay price by each item. Sounds silly or time consuming I know, hear me out though.

This actually saves money and gives you an idea of how much your total grocery bill is gonna be, BEFORE you hit the line. So you will know if you really can afford that extra splurge item that jumped into the cart.

Pro tip: not gonna lie, sometimes I do better on my estimate by shopping sales or using digital coupons (yay for no clipping) and use the “extra” I had budgeted to get the guilt free coffee from starbucks, because I earned it.

Bonus: plan for your sweet tooth and keep your baking cupboard stocked. This makes those sales easier to justify putting in the cart!

#4 NEVER… I repeat… NEVER  go hungry

I mean it!!! 

Always get a snack or eat before you go inside. If that means getting a protein bar and eating in the car before walking in, do that. A $1.00 protein bar is gonna save you tons on those impulse buys because you are not in a snacky mood while shopping. 

Pro tip to save even more on your grocery bill and have delicious meals

Make your menu and list BEFORE you eat… but eat before you shop. The menu is way more fun to create when you actually want food. Not to mention making the menu is a breeze when all you want is food, ‘cause everything sounds fantastic. But make sure you EAT before walking into those grocery store doors.

There you have it. A few tips to help you continue being the fantastic meal planner, hopefully with a new tool running your kitchen more smoothly.

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