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8 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars for a Modern Farmhouse

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Do you have a cupboard full of empty mason jars just sitting there taking up space? But you can’t find the heart to get rid of them?

If you are like me, I have about 2 dozen various sizes from emptied jellies, honey and leftover projects that I would love to breathe new life into.

Glass jar projects are an excellent way to recycle glass without having to leave your home, or find a local glass recycling facility.

With the price of mason jars on the rise, here are # tutorials on ways to reuse glass jars. Don’t throw out your empty sauce or pickle jars until taking a look at how you can grow a garden, organize your cupboard or decorate for the coming holidays. 

8 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars Around Your Sustainable Home

The following modern farmhouse decorating ideas will reuse glass jars you may have laying around, and will presented by multiple websites. Be sure to save this guide so you can have access to all the glass jar projects you may need in the future!

#1 – Get organized with mason Jar Cannister organization

Mason Jar Breakfast & More has an adorable tutorial on a classic white mason pantry organization and storage.

In my house I use jars to store just about anything that was purchased in a bag or box. Once opened the packaging is next to impossible to keep closed, making it susceptible to all kids in critters, becoming stale or making a mess!

My favorite way to store baking supplies like flour and sugar are my mason jars! I found the blue half-gallon jars with the metal lids to keep on the counter top! I love seeing how much is on hand, not to mention the quick access for just a smidge of sugar for my coffee. 

Here’s the link to this simple tutorial: Easy DIY Mason Jar Canisters

#2 – Meal prep with mason jar lunch containers

We all tend to dread the end of day lunchbox cleaning. The plastic containers tend to cling onto those leftover smells, not to mention the red sauce tint that you can NEVER get out! 

I have found myself throwing away a lot of plastic containers just so I don’t have to open, let along wash them. 

So save yourself some headache, use a glass jar! They are hot or cold tolerable, don’t hold smells and you are far more likely to bring them home! I hate leaving my glass jar behind, and would not dream of throwing it away! 

Amy Gorin Nutritions shows you how easy (and cute) it can be to meal prep your breakfast, using a glass jar to

Here’s the tutorial: Overnight Barley Breakfast Bowl

#3 – Get on board with this succulent Mason Jar Canister

A Crafty Mix presents this ADORABLE take on succulent glass jars to hid all those little bathroom or office items. Update your home office, craft room or kitchen with these adorable mason jar canisters.

Here’s the link for the tutorial: Succulent Mason Jar Canister

#4 – Try your hand a small space mason Jar Garden

Start your indoor herb or mini garden with Ottwa Mommy Club’s tutorial that is so stinkin cute!

Here’s the link to the tutorial: Beginner’s Mason Jar Gardening

#5 – Make a homemade soy candle using a glass jar

You gotta love all things repurposing with this homemade candle tutorial presented by Ann’s Entitled Life. Using glass jars around the house (or repurping jars from sauces) you can color soy wax (found at Hobby Lobby or Amazon) with a broken crayon, add a wick and have a sweet DIY easy candle for your next gifting need.

Here’s the tutorial: Homemade Mason Jar Candle

#6 – Upcycle glass jars with this DIY glass lanterns tutorial

The Boondocks Blog will help you make these user-friendly versions of hanging lanterns ready for your porch, garden, wedding or next event.

Here’s the link to the tutorial: Simple lanterns from repurposed glass jars

#7 – Repurpose jars into a modern lace mason jar or vase

Ready for a modern twist on the classic mason jar? Mod Podge Rocks prodives an alternative for those looking for a truly different take on country garmhouse. Fall in love with these black mason jars.

Here’s the link to the tutorial: DIY Lace Mason Jars

Reuse glass jars or coffee cups for bathroom organization like brush holders!

Still needing ideas on how to reuse glass jars?

Below are some ideas for getting those jars into rotation for storage, organization or crafts, to name a few. Repurposing mason jars gives an extra flare to your home, while emptying the cupboard space. Double win!

  • Pen holder
  • Toothbrush or bathroom sink holder
  • Salad shaker for work lunches – layer ingredients and add dressing then shake to stir. 
  • Yogurt parfait for healthy snacking – use tubs of yogurt, fresh cut fruit and top with granola
  • Crafting cupboard organizer- buttons, ribbon, thread, bobbins
  • Seed starter container 
  • Herb garden for kitchen 
  • Dry ingredient baking items – flour, sugar, chocolate chips
  • Pantry items- cereal, noodles, rice
  • Drinks with lid- simple tea but also great for make ahead portioned drinks for parties
  • Centerpieces – from everyday vases for flowers to wedding décor! 
  • Walkway lights – use shepherds hooks and jute twine to hang jars with tealight candles

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