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Make a Wedding Chalkboard Sign for Under $30!

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Learn how to make a chalkboard sidewalk sign for under $30 using picture frames!

Life have many occasions to celebrate, adding a chalkboard sign is a great way to greet guests, inform or display your big news. But it doesn’t have to break the bank to find the perfect easel for the job.

With chalkboard being all the rave right now, this quick how-to will hopefully offer some insight on where to gather supplies, how simple assembly is, and the overall how quick the project can be!

Make your own wedding welcome sidewalk sign and continue to use it after the ceremony!

The need for an easel came up when planning for my wedding. Like most brides, budget is a BIG factor in planning the big event. Making decorations or props that can serve a purpose AFTER the wedding was a big plus I wanted to keep in mind as much as possible.

Chalkboard signs are expensive to say the least. I can try to use coupons and shop sales but ultimately DIY was cheaper in this scenario. I had chalkboard paint leftover and thought about ways to use what I already had to keep the project budget on track. After all, the main goal in our house it to use what we’ve got first and only get items we need.

Frame hunting- Start off right and shop sales!

After looking for a picture frame at the local craft store and shopping sales, I found the perfect frame! We were looking for a large frame to hold our puzzle when the sale happen to give us a budget friendly option.

Buy 1 get 2 free!!!

Another options would be to shop thrift stores for those large wall painting, but it may be hard to find two identical, or compatible, to put a hinge on.

The original price tag for one frame was in the $25-$40 price range so this sale was perfect. Plus two projects were being taken care of in one trip!

Now one home, I got a tad excited and proceeded to paint without taking progress pictures. So the written “how to” will have to do until my next chalkboard attempt.

Paint the chalkboard on the smooth plastic or cardboard backing for a smoother finish.

The base of the chalkboard sign is the painted cardboard backing in the frame. The backing was surprisingly solid and would give the integrity needed to be written on. The actual painting took 3-4 coats of paint, rotating directions with each layer.

Need help with which chalkboard paint? Try this one that will go the distance for multiple layers!

Make an A-Frame chalkboard with hinges for easy set-up

After paint, I asked the hubby to install the hinges. He laid the frames back side up and short ends close together to measure the hinge placement.

Once the hinges were screwed in, we stood the easel up and it actually STOOD there BEAUTIFULLY.

Finished project

Now, this is a multi-function project remember.

Our first use was to welcome family to town and using the sign as a guide for which house was ours. That has been one of the many uses! Write the menu for a gather, welcome your new baby, or let the kids draw on each side.

Whatever fits your needs, this is an easy, budget friendly way to announce all of life’s moments. 🙂

I hope this inspired you to use what you’ve got and wait for the right idea to come along. If you have any ideas or input from your own chalkboard welcome sign.

Use picture frames for your chalkboard menu

Every household needs a chalkboard sign to display the menu at holidays, parties and gatherings. Offer guests a way to know what’s coming up by writing the appetizer, main menu or any instructions for a make-it-yourself buffet.

Guests will appreciate the expected flow ahead of the feeding frenzy!

Have a wonderful crafting time!


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