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Garden clean up: just rip it out girl

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Each season of gardening brings new to-do’s for garden clean up. Sometimes you gotta just start fresh, other times you can make anew what you have.

Sometimes I have great ideas, and sometimes I can be irrational when I get an idea in my head. I guess when changes scares the heck out of you…you can meet it head on or run away screaming.

This particular instance, I decided lets just start with a fresh canvas for the fall garden. Season changes mean it’s time for garden clean up! Don’t get me wrong, I love saving and reinventing to give new life. But there comes a time when you HAVE to just rip the remaining stragglers out to create a new image. The end of summer in the south means its time to rotate garden space for the cool weather plants. The little seedlings or transplants that need sun and warm in the beginning but eventually will find relief in the cooler days.

I’ve always thought of my garden as a physical view of my mind. When the weeds overrun the ground, its probably because I am very busy and not taking the time for previous commitments. On the other hand, when the garden is in full blooms its easy to linger and boast my accomplishments. Whenever I am stressed I tend to revert back to the little things I can control or change, such as the state of the flower bed or garden. I can’t change the repairs for the house or car that showed up unexpectedly with the worst timing ever. I may not be able to change the crazy going on in the world…


I can change something. I need to see a difference big or small. So what CAN I DO that is a simple task I enjoy? What does simple even look like? Who knows! The small task is different for each of us. My outlet is gardening or baking. Yours may be spoiling yourself with a Starbucks drink or a trip to the beach for some sun. The key is SIMPLE. Get back to little things that make your heart smile because there are little hidden gems everywhere.

Remember the first picture of my garden’s raised beds? The one I wanted to rip everything out of? Turns out there was a flower (a few marigolds) being choked by the weeds and debris of the old plants. But I had to rip the old to find the good struggling to grow.

So…be brave. Rip that unsightly eyesore that is consuming all the nutrients and life out of your space. Whether it’s the literal patch of dried, sad flowers that the Georgia heat has beaten down, or the mental stumbling block that has been growing and taking all your energy. Clear out the old so you can embrace the new changing of the season and all its beauty.

Clear the ground, and wait to see what new seeds of opportunity come your way. Because there will always be something beautiful that is hidden in the bad just waiting for the chance to debut.

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Happy garden clean up!


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