This is me

Welcome! My name is Stephanie, I am the mess behind the screen.

I started Ashes to Roots as a way to log the struggles I have overcome, but also to encourage anyone who may be in the same place. I know there are tons of blogs out there, I hope can find some humor, practical help and a kindred spirit by reading. (By the way I LOVE Anne of Green Gables and how Dianna Berry and Anne are such unlikely friends).

Here’s me in the raw

So first off, I am not the type of person to crave the spotlight or too much attention. My family singing way off tune for my birthday is about all the focus I can take at one sitting, and I have a big family. Blogging is my way of sharing ideas from the background. #winning. But when the idea to start a blog come around a few years ago…I tried…and FAILED miserably. so I put the blogging idea to rest and didn’t think about again until I quiet my full time. I had a 6 year old and a baby on the way, was trying to work and juggle a lot of demands in life and found myself facing burnout BIG TIME.

I am not one to admit defeat so it took some time to accept quitting and being a stay at home mom again. My wonderful husband gave the blessing and support for the decision so I took that as a sign he saw my struggle too. So here I was going through every work from home idea until I finally landed on the blogging bandwagon.

Why did I start a blog again?

Blogging. What a concept, right? I’ve seen all these successful bloggers bringing in more money than their day job and I figured hey, why not try it? Boy did I get reality checked real quick. Turns out there is ALOT of techy stuff to this gig. However, setting up a blog has actually been more mentally therapeutic even with the start up learning curve, than I imagined. I like to obsess when I find something new, blogging has been my new obsession but NOT for the money reason. I have yet to make a dime, but find myself having loving what I do.

I love writing.

I love sharing knowledge.

I love finding a reason to search out the good within the bad to share with anyone who wants to listen.

I love myself again.

So for me, this blog is a game-changer because I have a voice again. I found my roots among the ashes of my life.

Why name it Ashes to Roots?

Speaking of ashes and roots, you are probably wondering how and why I choose such a dreary name for a blog that is supposed to be encouraging and filled with ideas to share, huh?

Here it is, the concept that changed my life but gave birth eventually to Ashes to Roots- forest fires.

Often (and rightly so) portrayed as horrible events that bring devastation and ashes to a once beautiful land, forest fires can spring up from nowhere and cause so much damage repair will take years. A forest fire is enough to make headlines and get humanity to come together in a hurry and offer aid.

Well my life has had some forest fires that really took me by surprise and altered my way of thinking. I mean…COMPLETE reset for life. Not the cute remodel gone wrong type of reset either. I mean pillars in life you thought were unshakable crumbled beneath your feet, that kind of forest fire.

My plan to fight the fires? I had to make it up as I went. So after trying to run, only to find myself hunkering down to brave the heat, I decided to find the little ounce of life leftover. That patch of green that somehow made it through and focus on only that. Once found, that was where I rooted myself, there in the ashes but close to a green patch if live struggling to grow. I searched for what I wanted my life to look like and surrounded myself with that. Sometimes you start out small but growth gains momentum and explodes with life pretty quickly.


My life has been taking roots and becoming a beautiful rebirth that still holds the blackened flame marks in some places, but is also being covered by life and green again. Each new adventure and idea is building my new home, dreams and hope.

Blogging is my latest adventure welcomed with open arms.

Hopefully I didn’t loose ya by now. 🙂

So what’s next?

My goal is pretty simple: to share practical ideas to help you build a better home. Whether you have hours to spend or a few minutes, I want to share guilt free ideas you can be proud of completing. So take a look around and hopefully you find some ideas or words to share or take hold of.

Thanks for reading,