Mesh produce bags repurpose ideas!

Upcycle your plastic mesh produce bags into a plant hanging bag!

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You can recycle those plastic citrus or avocado bags into a free plant hanger with a few cuts and knots!

With a few household tools you can turn that plastic into a functional diy plant hanger and keep it out of the landfill. 

No need to avoid buying or have to make a special trip just to recycle the plastic. Instead, reuse plastic mesh bags around your home to solve a problem. 

Here’s a simple DIY plant hanger tutorial you can make in under 5 minutes!

Supplies you’ll need are scissors twine and your plant

Step one take the mesh bag and hold it up vertical next to your plant. Make a mental note of how far down you will need to cut to leave enough room for the branches to sprawl out. This is where I made the mistake and just eyeballed it and ended up having to cut more. But it’s okay! Just learn from my inability to slow down and plan and just charge the mountain. 

  • Step 2 cut a u-shape in your produce bag to create long handles. You should have a similar shape to a grocery shopping bag. These handles will be the sides that go up and tie at the top. 
  • Step 3 place your plant inside and check that branches can spill out the sides without any trouble. You don’t want to smash your plant leaves and cause them to be bruised and become rotten. 
  • Step 4 place plant inside hanger and tie a knot in the top. I added some twine just to spruce it up. Plastic can be somewhat ugly so adding an earthy element can help bring it to life. Wine is a great functional but pretty/rustic string option to do just that. 
  • Step five hang your plant in its new home. This can be a simple nail or screw in the wall. Or a pretty hook. Go super bougie and or glamorous and try these screw in hooks. I am kind of obsessed with The farmhouse look they give. 

And it’s that simple!!! 

Why this creative hanging plant idea works so well

You can recycle mesh produce bags, but not in a recycling system like your weekly trash pick-up. Instead, repurpose and make your own plant hanger ideal for air plants, potted herbs, coffee plants (like in this example) or succulents! 

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I’m a big fan of practical. And I tend to stray away from things that seem overly complicated or time-consuming. Hopefully this alleviates that and can be an easy 5 minute craft to do by yourself. Or grab the kids and show them a great skill to reuse what’s on hand. 

Happy crafting! 


If you want a step-by-step video tutorial check out our NEW YouTube channel! You asked for more videos, and we heard ya!

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