Swap your synthetic pillow out for a sustainable bamboo memory foam pillow
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Why Your Sustainable Home Needs Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

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Bamboo pillows are a great eco-friendly product for those with frequent neck or back pain when sleeping.

Benefits of a bamboo pillow that you can’t overlook if you are needing a restful night of sleep

When I first became a parent I didn’t realize how scary some of the basic decisions like what type of fabric to put in your crib could be. But we had a firefighter friend who told us polyester is mostly synthetic AKA plastic. When it catches on fire it does what all plastic does and melts and shrinks. Whereas cotton is a lot harder to burn and we’ll just burn and fall off. When you think about the fabrics you are sleeping on or under it gets a little scary. I know household fires are not very likely but they are still a risk. I’ve always opted for 100% cotton since finding out that fact. My pillow is no different. In fact if you are one of the millions of other Americans who sleep with their cell phone under their pillow to hear the alarm better, you are still putting yourself at risk. Batteries overheat freak explosions happen. Not to try to scare anyone into a purchase but just trying to offer some facts. Electronics are man-made so they are flawed. Fires happen and you can rest assured if you just make the right decision for what material to put on your bed. 

Bamboo pillow health benefits and some reviews the experts

Alright, I am not an expert in any way when it comes to toxins or chemicals around the home. So I don’t want to “fluff” you up with my own assumptions of why synthetic stuffing is bad. Instead, here’s an article from Savvy Rest from professionals that actually studied chemical impacts from polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The interview with Dr. Heather Stapleton was on “Let’s Talk Chemical Flame Retardants“.

Leafscore gives a second opinion in this great article on the pro’s and con’s for What to Watch out for in Pillows. Did you know the average polyester pillow only lasts 6-24 months? It all depends on how well you care for your pillow, but that does shed some light onto why after only a few months neck pain or sleepless nights may return. If you are looking for a comparison of down pillows, what to look out for when it comes to flame retardants, check out the article for yourself. I have no idea formaldehyde was used in pillow!

Lastly, the Sleep Judge has made a compelling argument of how the microbial benefits of bamboo pillows will help allergy sufferers and natural minded households on track to reduce exposure to chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ether (PDBE). Check out the pros and cons of using memory that melts around your neck, has sustainably sourced materials and offer the best support, all reasons to consider ditching the synthetic polyester pillow.

Stiff neck or back issues are no longer an issue when you sleep on a cloud

Memory foam has long been credited for it’s abliltiy to form around your body shape, while offering support. Creating a customizable but universal pillow option. Throwing material that’s made from renewable sources like bamboo and you’ve got yourself the best option in the market. 

Combating neck pain with memory foam is the best solution according to Sleep Facts. A comparison of the top 10 pillows for orthopedic relief has bamboo shredded memory foam pillows as the #1 recommended option! The shredded filling makes it easier to fluff pillows to revive that melt into your pillow feeling but we will touch more on this below.

If you are just dipping your toes into researching, here is my husband’s story for why he switched to bamboo memory foam. It wasn’t because he wanted to be environmentally friendly but instead because of the results that the pillow offers. When he was 18 he got in a car accident and broke his back. He now has most of his back rebuilt with steel bars which makes it really hard to bend. His neck is often sore because of the way he has to lay at night just to sleep without the rods hurting. During his pillow reviewing days he tried lots of different one, finally settling in these green clouds of renewable energy. Quite literally the pillows helped him get a good night’s sleep and be energized for The morning. He never really thought about the material being a mindful consumer choice. But here we are will a win-win. 

Bamboo is a sustainable plant, so you are supporting the environment. 

Did you know bamboo and being 30-35% more efficient at filtering the air than comparable tree masses? Bamboo is also fast growing, which makes it easier to accommodate increasing demands. When you buy products made from renewable sources you are supporting those Farmers growing the material. Don’t forget that when making your purchase. Ask yourself, would you rather support a chemical factory that produces synthetic material such as polyester filling? Or would you rather support a bamboo farmer that is not only giving material but also helping produce clean air rather than hurting it? Kinda no brainer in my book. 

Caring for your bamboo pillow so it lasts for many years

If you take care of anything it will last 10 times longer than if you abuse it. This is no different when it comes to your bamboo pillow. The investment in your good night sleep is never something to mess around with. Remember you spend a third of your life sleeping. So investing in a good pillow and mattress is never a waste of money. But taking care of your investment is just as important. Bamboo pillows will go flat over time because of use. But the difference is that this problem can be fixed. These pillows can be popped in the dryer to be given New Life and just as good as new. More on this below. 

How to fluff a flat bamboo pillow 

To get your pilly back to that fluffy cloud is quite easy, just your pillow in the dryer on medium-high heat for 30-60 minutes. I do this about once a month to avoid the pillow sagging and causing neck pain. I never realized how much of my neck soreness was being cause from my pillow going flat. But if you think about it a flat pillow gives zero support. But most polyester filled pillows are not able to be dried for very long because they can melt. Not to mention they spin out terrible and end up being a big dripping wet mess that clunks around in your dryer. But bamboo pillows are much easier because of the memory foam feeling that is light and spins out quite nicely in the washing machine. 

Don’t forget how to wash your bamboo pillow at least every 3 months. Or sooner if you have been sick.

Just machine wash your bamboo pillow to keep it clean and free from sweat, allergies and airborne yuckies. Fun fact, GoodhouseKeeping recommends washing 2 pillows at time to keep your washer from being off balance and making that thumping noise.

That’s right, it’s that simple. A little warm water and mild soap like castile soap, and you can forget about it! You don’t need to hand wash and ring or hang out on the line. Although all those are perfectly acceptable means to washing your bamboo cloud to sleep on. 

You can of course spot clean for any drool or sweat marks. Cuz let’s face it it happens to all of us. It’s actually a sign that you slept really well and was able to completely relax. But the nice this about a good quality bamboo memory foam pillow (that’s a mouth full), is that it’s actually really good at wicking moisture away from your head and neck cool and able to sleep. 

Offers amazing cooling so you can still keep the fan on, but not wait up with sweaty hair.

A well taken care of pillow can last you many many years

My husband has had his pillow since before he met me. Which makes it over 5 years. Now any pillow can “last” forever especially ones made from plastic since they don’t break down. But whether that pillow will be comfortable and continue to do its job is what makes the difference. 

Bamboo pillows are different from down or polyester because they are infinitely fluff-able. Polyester tends to melt in the dryer after so many heat cycles, and down tends to loose it’s fluff after being wet. But bamboo memory foam pillows are far more durable, making them outlast any other pillow.

Since you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping doesn’t it make sense to invest in something sustainable and that will last?

The benefits of switching over to bamboo pillows for neck pain, better health and peace of mind make it perfect for the eco-friendly home

Making the switch to a sustainable bamboo pillow is not only easy, but easy to care for as well. When properly cared for your bamboo pillow will last for many years, and can offer neck and pain suffers a eco-friendly option. So are you ready to make your zero waste swap to bamboo? What’s holding you back?

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