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Reduce Plastic Packing With These Zero Waste Beauty Swaps

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Plastic free beauty products offer users the ability to have low key makeup routines without adding to the landfills. Here you will find practical ways to upgrade your beauty routine, zero waste makeup style. 

The BEST zero waste swaps that save money and the environment!

Whether you think you have a beauty routine or not, chances are skin care regimens are part of your morning ritual in some way. We live in a time when there is a cream, spray or product to help overcome some type of beauty dilemma. 

The natural “no makeup” look is the the lastest trend, which makes me wonder if we can finally start embracing natural beauty. I mean, I would love to sleep in those few extra minutes every day and still feel as confident in my own skin as with all those colors so delicately placed.

Before you read any further, I am by no means a contouring, make up pro. Heck I didn’t start wearing any foundation or lip-gloss until going to my first prom. In fact, I’ve been the down to earth outdoor kinda gal. I love outdoor activates like hiking, fishing or gardening. If it’s outside, count me in.

But I love getting dolled up too!

It’s a healthy balance between homeless look and are we sure she’s the same person?

But I recently have been making strides to swapping out my plastic bottles and packing to more sustainable earth-friendly options. After all, I love being outdoors, so I want to do my part in keeping the earth safe and around for many years to come.

Did you know the average woman uses 12 products a day?

According to Harvard Health, all the lotions and moisturizer women use to smell and look “good” amount to 12 products in a daily routine! The article Toxic Beauty was written in early 2020 and outlines just how your beauty products may not be sustainable long-term. In fact, regulations don’t require long-term study on how ingredients effect your health or the just how harmful the packing that is left behind may be, just the immediate. Heads up, hair dye is not looking so hot in terms of toxicity.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty

But I don’t want to (or think anyone should be) shamed into making changes. Not to mention passing opinions about how someone looks or the choices they make when it comes to beauty. Instead, I want to point out that whatever beauty products you decide, just think about the packing.

I know it sounds silly, but what goes on or in your body is up to you. But what goes into the landfills and trash bins, is going to effect all of us.

Sustainable packing is a simple zero waste swap you can start doing today that makes a good impact!

I love easy going green hacks that I can do once, and forget about. Focusing on the less plastic packaging is one of those borderline genius, and STUPID EASY ways to be more enviromentally friendly.

It require no extra money, no trip to the recycling bin or location. It’s literally this (no lazy just super busy) girl’s best beauty hack.

Before we dive into products, I want to take a moment to reflect on natural beauty. Every woman is created with uniqueness that should never be hidden, dimmed down or otherwise altered to confirm to social norms. 

So before you go trying to cover up skin imperfections or problematic areas, remind yourself that make is there to enhance your natural beauty. Yes, highlight your best features! Girl let those unique characteristics shine bright! Just remember, confident as a wildflower. They stand tall in craziest places and choose to bloom! 

Now on to the zero waste beauty products checklist!

It was not until recently that I learned about the zero waste community that is striving to leave no trace when it comes to sustainable lifestyles. I LOVE this concept because sustainable living to me means scaling back to the basics living. 

I don’t want to overwhelm you with tons of changes because extreme makeovers can be hard to maintain. Instead, swapping natural skin care products from the beginning provide an effortless options for going green. 

Girl, wash your face with these goatmilk soap bars!

Shop these soaps on Etsy at The Exchange for Green

Bar soap is a better plastic free beauty product option because the packing is usually cardboard! Goatmilk soap with essential oils like tea tree, charcoal and clay may surprise you!

Skin care begins with washing your face, and what facial cleanser is being used. For our first natural beauty swap I want you to consider bar soap. Did you cringe alittle? Yeah, I did too the first time someone mentioned throwing out my liquid face wash for a bar of homemade goatmilk soap. Bar soap has always left my skin feeling sticky and rubbery…? But I started making my own soap with melt-and-pour goatmilk soap bases by adding in essential oils that are good for skincare. I get blackheads and oily skin really bad in the summer, so I started with tea tree bar soap and I gotta say, I am a bar soap fanatic now!!! Goat milk is THE game changer when it comes to natural beauty. And how does bar soap make it worthy of making the list for zero waste? Because most bars of soaps come packed in cardboard boxes it make it perfect for plastic free wash! 

Have you tried DIY cotton rounds to remove make-up or wash your face?

Reusable makeup removing rounds so you can skip the single use!

I also sewed some diy face rounds from fabric scraps in my craft cabinet and a hand towel. I also had a new package of white cotton socks that I was going to tye-dye but decided to take a pair and upcycle them into reusable cotton rounds to wash my face, remove makeup and apply toner! Zero waste beauty hack, check! 

You can try these bamboo reusable cotton rounds for a feel good product buy.

Sometimes it’s nice to just buy, (and support local businesses on Etsy) rather than making your own. After all, it can get really discouraging to remember all the projects to upcycle and do the “right thing” when it comes to a zero waste lifestyle.

Try not to get discouraged or beat yourself up if opting for already done is easier on you. Just make sure the products you choose are sustainable by opting for cardboard, bamboo or glass packing as much as possible.

Sometimes even just getting concentrates and mixing your own toners or soaps is a great way to start reducing plastic bottles. Concentrates can be mixed according to ratios in a glass bottle, reducing the amount of empty containers that end up in the landfill.

If you would like a no sew reusable cotton rounds that you can easily do yourself, try this simple approach.

Upcycle and old bath or hand towel into a no sew reusable cotton round


  • Old bath or hand towel
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (check the Dollar Tree or grab this cheap one)
  1. Using a cup, trace circles with a washable marker onto your towel. A good size is between 2-3 inches.
  2. Cut cotton rounds with scissors or rotary cutter for a smooth edge
  3. Taking fabric glue, join 2 of the cut circles together by applying rings on the once of the rounds. Layer several rings with glue before attaching the top round. The edges should seal nicely as the glue is smooshed out the side when applying pressure.
  4. Let try and start to use!

Variations – try using your fabric scrap pile by upcycling cotton or flannel scraps into diy cotton rounds. These fabrics are some on your sensitive skin. Or you can try to different fabrics like terry cloth (from towels) and cotton for a rough and soft side.

Say goodbye to plastic tubes and hello to toothpaste tablets

Reduce plastic packing by skipping the toothpaste tube! Opt for toothpaste tablets or make your own with baking soda and toothpaste so you can recycle the packing. 

Or try this natural toothpaste made with green packaging

Of course natural toothpaste made with charcoal has to be on the list for clean products. While the trend for natural ingredients is here to stay, the new rise of concern for plastic packing is something to consider.

Try this tooth wash from Do Your Planet A Solid. You get to choose whether your packaging is compostable or recyclable. How cool is that?

Say aloe to diy witch hazel facial toner

Wtich hazel is a great astringent (an agent that pulls infection out) that is used for first aid and beauty products. But before you try this natural alternative to alcohol based toners, here is an article from Healthline that addresses the question Is Using Witch Hazel For Toner A Good Idea?

Here’s a plastic-free toner that is already mixed up for you!

If you are trying to reduce redness, treat sunburn or have a good layer before adding make-up, add some essential oils! Lavender is long accredited for its gentle, but all around good for your skin abilities. Tea Tree is another skin safe essential oil. I personally use tea tree, lavender and aloe in my witch hazel toner. If you really want a natural toner that soothes your dry skin, add some aloe vera goo from your houseplant.

Deodorant – no you don’t have to make your own! 

Look for brands with compostable packing or made from recycled materials like the ones from Amazon below.

Still need some ideas for zero waste beauty products?

Allure Zero Waste Beauty Products  is a big promoter of clean beauty products if you want some more ideas.

Hopefully these easy swaps for less waste have inspired you to think about packing not as the enemy, but an opportunity to make a lasting change.

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